1. Quiet Thunder

From the recording Quiet Thunder

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Quiet Thunder

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Coasting through my memories running out of steam
I cannot forget how to chase this dream
Heart is on my sleeve but my minds always changing
It’s hard to fight when your heart is always breaking

I tell myself stories
hear a quiet thunder
it’s pulling me back
to the spell I’m under
I’m a soft rebel
I’m an up and comer
On the outside
Hear a quiet thunder

Heaven in my memory inside I hear a voice
Hiding all my feelings while my friends rejoice
silver lining’s play out soft behind my eyes
I run the risk of loneliness but no one realizes

I tell myself stories
I’m a quiet hero
counting down twenty’s
til I get to zero
feel like starting over
younger former glory
on the outside I’m a real good story

I’m on the outside

treading rather lightly and fading from my view
strings are always pulled when I reminisce on you
I wish you’d come on over or call me like you used to
I miss alot of things but love has got to choose you

I sing my own story hear a quiet thunder
It’s pulling me down
To the spell I’m under
I’m an outside
I’m a loyal summer
I feel all of these feelings, all of these feelings