1. Sober

From the recording Quiet Thunder

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so tell me what’s it about being alone
need to change that space in my head
Just a little bump to get in my zone
forget all the things I regret
self sabotage is a bitch
and she’s a loner

What’s it like being sober

Spent the better part of 15 years
in a garden green haze
a nonstop rewind and replay
truncating my days
thinking about cutting it out
maybe tomorrow

What’s it like being sober

No one that matters can see
that’s what I’ve led myself believe
while I’m sneaking an extra shot
Into that beat up coffee cup
that same old question creeps up
what’s it like being sober

Is it the drugs or the judgement
that keeps holding me back
is that itch something we’re born with
or inherently lack
can’t it be a phase
I’ll get over

What’s it like being sober